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Being too busy does not make you important. In fact, being too busy makes you annoying and useless to those who really want or need your time. Gail Hilgendoff

 I just got back from a wedding. I was asked to be a witness at this wedding that took place this morning. So, I met this woman at a dinner that I attended. We were among the few foreigners in attendance, we struck up a conversation, she told me that she was from the US and knows a lot about Trinidad because back in the day she met a woman from Penal, which is a town in the South of Trinidad. After that dinner a few weeks passed and I was facilitating a workshop and was quite surprised to see my American friend. She was taking the class.

Last week, out of the blue, she sent me a message asking if I can be a witness at her wedding as she doesn’t know much people in Kampala, and even less women. I accepted after she stated her case. I remarked that I didn’t know that she was seeing someone. She told me that they recently met but she believes that this is the right decision for her.

So I ended up being the witness at this wedding of a Ugandan brother and an American sister. Smashing all stereotypes, he’s black and African, she’s white and American. He is very much younger than her, he paid no bride price (dowry to her family), her family was not there to witness the event! Quite an event!

Apart from the ceremony and legalities what stood out was the emphasis the man who married them placed on bigamy and how the groom will be punished harshly! I was like, whoa, is this common here, why is he stressing on this so much!! I must find out

The other thing that made me chuckle as it’s a first for me, he said ok you can now hug the bride! LOL!!!

I am not sure what I learnt today but just wanted to share the story



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