Smash your Self Imposed Limits

Know that you are filled with infinite possibilities Deborah L Johnson

I have a training  session on today, two more until I wrap up in Uganda! I like these sessions because it pushes me beyond my self imposed limits! I was for most of my life considered a “quiet person” I would stay in the background, not talk much, now I am choosing a path where I speak in public, I put myself out there! This morning at boxing I was thinking about it, self imposed limits and how magnificent our mind is! Every time to smash a self imposed limit you feel so much more confident, you have a little bit more faith in yourself and your abilities and you know that you can do it

This morning at training I was howling because it was tough, the coach kept telling me “you must be joking?, you must be because you ARE doing this, just because you can” and I did it! Just with a change of mind!

So, this weekend, smash one self imposed limit that you have put on yourself and watch how the magic unfolds! Trust me, your going to feel like a superhero and want to smash even more!!!



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