Safari Awesomeness

Step. Up.

This is your spotlight speaking. I invite you to put one foot ahead of the next and move. Even if you can't see two steps ahead, I invite you to take the next one. I invite you to your greatness. Even if you think it doesn't exist, I invite you to see it in others' eyes. The world needs you so very much. Do not deny them you. Do not allow one more day to pass without living your light into the world. There is no one else that can do it.It's not their job, it's yours Do it.Now.Step. Up. Nisha Moodley

Been in the bush for the past few days on Safari! The place is awesome! I am talking about pure peacefulness and nature, in the animal’s natural habitat! I was so in awe to be close, within touching distance of the giraffes, impala’s, water bucks and wart hog’s! The place we stayed is powered by solar, and just no noise!!! Each morning, the monkeys would come to my room and wake me up! At first I was so frightened! They are bold as ever, they come to the room, they even watch you shower! By the end of the time we were all buddies!

Then the hippo’s! How majestic are these animals! I had the opportunity to go on the lake and watch them! Beautiful!

Nature for me is the Universe saying look how magnificent I am and you are just as magnificent just recognise it! Truly grateful to have had the opportunity to see all those wonderful animals in their natural habitat! Pretty darn awesome!!



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