Day 2 - Training Up North

We arrived at the next town late! the roads to get there are not tarmacked, there was driving rain and as  we entered a different district it was pitch black. "There is no power" the driver said, "we will also reach later than planned because of the rains"

We stopped along the way as the woman who was riding with us insisted that she buys tangerines. I was thinking hmm how is she going to buy this in this darkness! Well, they say there is a high level of innovation in Africa. We slowed down in Kamdini town and I just say about 5 lights running towards the car. Vendors saw the car approaching and with torches and their produce, was making a sprint to the car to rival Usain Bolt! They got to the car and offered us tangerines, roasted nuts, corn and mangoes! Ok, so this is how you buy items in the dark, we didn't even have to leave the car

As we approached where I was to stay the place seemed to get even darker. " Madam Akosua you cannot stay here, I would be fearing, and I am from this town" I was literally in the middle of the bush, there was bush surrounding me, and the army protecting the house! I agreed, no way hosay, let's find a hotel in town!

We drove for about forty five more minutes and got into town, I found a hotel for the night. Mind you hotels in Gulu town are different to the ones we know in the Western world but I was ever so grateful for a shower and a warm bed!

Tomorrow, I will deal with whatever there is to deal with, for now let me rest and revive!!




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