Tell Yourself the Truth

If its Spiritual, factual, beautiful, political, something to roll to, let it be, whatever it is let it be, let it be, let it!
Maybe I’ve been trying to be what they need of me, Be. When I should’ve just been me. Why? Whatever it is let it be, let it be, let it .Jill Scott (one of my favourite artists!!)

Confession time on the journey, Some of the lies that I have told myself   . That I don’t already have all the wisdom I need to begin. That I should do business the way the “masters” do because it works.  That if I’m not at this event or that event I’ll miss out on something important.  That people don’t buy inspiration – because all the “experts” tell you that. That so and so is the person I need to know.  That anyone anywhere holds the key to my success & happiness. That I have to “monetize” shit.  That business is hard.  That I don’t have enough money.  That I should do all the hard stuff first and THEN have fun. That fun is frivolous.  That I waited too long to do this thing or that thing.  That I should really be interested in chitchat cause nice people everywhere do it.

That I won’t know what to do. That it matters that I sometimes don’t know what to do.  That I won’t know what to say. That it matters that I sometimes don’t know what to say.  That I’m too busy to meditate.  That I’m too busy to exercise. That I’m too tired to exercise.  That I have to make a good impression.  That there won’t be enough – money, time, energy, love, peace, music, coconut bake, freedom, time (it bears repeating since it’s the most important thing of all), joy, friends, money (that one’s good for two as well).  And, I’ve learnt that NONE of it is real. Here’s what IS real Acceptance is what I am.  No judgment, no control, no manipulation, simply, Being. Simply, Love.

So what did I learn today?
Do not judge anything.  When you see The Bigger Picture one day, you will understand that everything is everything.  Everyone, everything, every moment is in perfect balance of where you are now. Tell yourself that truth!


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