Adventure of all Adventures

Creating boundaries is not about convincing someone else to behave in a way that YOU THINK THEY SHOULD. It is about YOU behaving the way you want your life to go. Melanie Evans

I was driving alone, now that is usually not something out of the ordinary here in Kampala, but this time it was late at night and I was heading to a place I have never driven myself before. I asked for directions at base, I verbally noted them. Things were going well! Then I made a wrong turn and nothing looked familiar, there were almost no cars on the road so it seemed easy to drive slow and navigate my way!
I turned the car around and just as I did the police appeared in front of my car and ordered me to stop! I had to choice of running him over or stopping! Stopping seemed the best option!

I stopped the car, the police was livid and shouting to me, pull the car over park it and get into the can I am taking you straight to jail and you collect the car tomorrow morning when you come out.
It took a while for me to register what he said! Then I opened my mouth, but sir I am lost I made a wrong turn from here! I don't care madam you are driving dangerous and reckless! But sir I am lost!
Just as he was getting me in the van a jeep with 6 other police men appeared, what is the problem here. I ran towards the car, officer I am lost I made a wrong turn. Madam ignorance is no excuse. Please lock your car get into the van and your fine is 300,000Sch. I was now on the verge of tears and thought I would pee myself! Jail? Police station? For making a wrong turn? Well this is a one way! I didn't know officer and there are no cars on the road!
How long have you been in Uganda madam?  Have you never driven here? Not on this road sir
I'm sorry madam get in the can! By now I'm trembling and begging them to let me go!
One of the officers said, ok get to your car! I will be joining you in it! What?
I said get in the car and drive, so I walk back to the car, he walks behind me gets in the car sits in the front seat and reclines the seat all the way back! I swear now the pee is running down my leg! Where are we going? To the police station madam! Ok officer what would it take for me to get out of this situation? 150,000Sch. I only have 54,000. he laughs loudly! I look in the rearview mirror and the other police are right behind us! Are the other police following us? Yes
He says turn here! Officer its all the cash that I have I swear check all my bags and pockets!
Get some more or you are losing your car tonight!

I ask him if we can go to the ATM machine
He says It is ok, let us go!
I drive to the ATM Machine, he stays in the car while the other police men were standing outside! I pay him the money
He takes my details and sends me on my way!!
I was thanking everything, lucky stars, guardian angels, the Universe you name it!!


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