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Journey to Release of Ego

Operating out of ego means you are operating out of fear. Operating out of fear means that you always going to be scared and running for your life instead of being in alignment with your life. It’s about really remaining conscious and connected with that piece of yourself that knows that you are not the thoughts in your head…you are not identifying with the thoughts in your head or the things that surround you. You are not defined by your possessions or titles or positions in life…that you are aware and live in the space of awareness and are connected to it in such a way that every day you move from a space of peace. (Oprah’s Life Class)


She asked “What did you achieve in 2012?”  Now this time I did not just open my mouth and answer as I would normally do. I asked her, “What did you achieve in 2012?” She laughed and said “You are quick, let me tell you my daughter, your achievements are important, particularly when you set goals but make no mistake the goals you set come from who you are. There are many of you who believe that there is merit in doing things which stroke your ego and get the stamp of external praise, these things are temporary and fleeting and you will continue to strive for these achievements which make you seem more worthy in the eyes of others, it will never end, you will continue to “achieve” them and never be at peace! Do you understand what I mean? You think getting this certain something will make you into something more! Sorry it doesn’t work that way! Start off knowing that you are enough, then take it from there!

Follow your intuition and live your own life, there is no substitute for it. Make goals that you can be proud of, that strengthen you as a person, that allow you to contribute to the development and betterment of where you live, that enhances your soul, your Spirit, your joy, your capacity to love. Do you understand what I am telling you?”

My famous intelligent response – OK!!
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