Are you alone in your castle of glory?

Live a whole life .Work can be an important part of our lives, but we should never let it be how we define ourselves. Putting all your energy and resources into your work may feed your ego, but if you’re relationships are falling apart, your health neglected and your spiritual life ignored, you could end up sitting alone in your castle of glory. 

That jewellery you like to make
The painting you sit with for hours
The race you like to run
The tennis you like to play
The thing that you will do for free, that thing, that is why

Why are you here?
To create
To live a life that contributes to the joy that is inside of you
Your joy
Because when you do what brings you joy, you serve the world. You contribute to the creation of the world’s joy, you contribute to the light
Your gifts are the gateway to your greatness
And all of us matter, We live from a place of littleness. Do not be content with littleness

Why am I really here?
Why are you here?
To serve, To create, to use your own personal god given power
You have the right to be powerful and nobody gets the right to tell you how to do it but you. It starts with believing in those gifts

You have the right to be bold and bodacious and nobody cant tell you nuthin!
What makes you come alive?
And here’s the thing, you may never get an award, the Nobel Peace prize or invited to the diplomatic center but you will be at peace, a place of joy. You are changing lives around you
You are changing the world in your own way

Why am I here?
To  share these lessons with you
Thank you for being part of the journey
Big big love and  blessings on your own journey


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