For all things good..

Confessions on the journey....

I had a huge feeling of disappointment yesterday. Why? Because my mighty crew, the angels that surround me came out to help me to make my book signing event happen in full force and I believed that I wasted their time because the turnout I was anticipating and expecting was  much lower. I must admit I cried about it, I so did not want them to believe that they wasted their time, so that pity party lasted a couple of hours and then I regrouped because yup, its all good..... and ..... I love them and grateful to them and will always remember yesterday and.... I now know

I dedicate my work today to the furtherance of ALL THINGS GOOD

Whether I am paid or not, whether I am working out in the world or planting  my own garden, I dedicate whatever I am doing today to the uplifting of all things. May the activity of my mind and the work of my hands by of service to the healing of the world.

Today I remember that there is only one work: to be who I am capable of being, to do what I am capable of doing to make the world a better place. May my life be of use to something greater than myself, that I feel the joy of this.
Welcome to a Year Of Miracles



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