Why are you here?

Owning our story and loving ourselves to that process is the bravest thing  that we will ever do Brene Brown
The book is launched yayy!! Every single thing the Universe uses, every thing!!
I am happy and grateful, there are people who I can depend on for anything - friends! I can call on the Divine Creator at any time and that is HUGE! Demonstrated again by yesterday!

This is what I want to share with you, some excerpts from my talk yesterday:
Each and everyone of us born here in this world have a reason to be here, we are all born with the ability to create. We have a reason to be here and it aint just work. None of us are random!

Why are you here?

There is a song to be written
A song to be song
A poem to be written and spoken
A cake to be made
A bake to be made

Why are you here?
To teach the children
To guide the children
To love the children
To care for the seniors
To write the book
To play the music
To write the music
To dance
To drum
To make people laugh
To play the pan
Why are you here?

To do the things that bring you joy, that light you afire, to create the very thing you were born to do.
Anything other than that is sufferation
That jewelry you like to make
The painting you sit with for hours
The race you like to run
The tennis you like to play
The thing that you will do for free, that thing, that is why
Why are you here?

To create
To live a life that contributes to the joy that is inside of you
Your joy
Because when you do what brings you joy, you serve the world. You contribute to the creation of the world’s joy, you contribute to the light
Your gifts are the gateway to your greatness
And all of us matter, We live from a place of littleness. Do not be content with littleness

Do the thing! Do it now!
Why are you here?


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