Who's zoomin who?

You thought I'd be naive and tame
But I beat you at your own game
Guess you believed the world
Played by your rules
Here stands an experienced girl
I ain't nobody's fool, bump you
Who's zoomin' who?

Aretha Frankin (The Queen of Soul)

love Eckhart Tolle and Micheal Singer's work, they talk about the "voice in your head" that goes on and on and sometimes we find ourselves arguing or at war with the voice but even more funny we haven't decided who we are in the conversation and sometimes we switch to be the "good cop" or the "bad cop" depending on the situation or the circumstance. 

Have you ever had that self talk conversation? I have it when I am faced with decisions on eating way too much chocolate, then the whole family in my head comes out! The trick I learnt , is to still the mind! Meditation and  yoga for me works wonders and then I get to face the day, the decision, everything without the "ole noise" anyways I digress. All this to say that this morning I woke up with the family on my head having a conference call, I decided to start writing out what I was grateful for and wow, the feeling of pure joy started flooding me, I cannot even explain it! So I am ready for the day, ready for my Book Signing Event at Trincity Mall Nigel R Khan Booksellers, I have a mighty crew that is so awesome! I love them! Erica, Katherine, My mums, more  and more reasons to be grateful.

What's going on in your head? What is the conversation? Are you loving you or beating you up? Who's zoomin who in your head?


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