On the road again

We need never fear an honest approach to life. We need only fear our own resistance to true honesty, authenticity and faith in what love can do. Marianne Williamson

The Brooklyn Fan Club Luncheon hosted me at a luncheon yesterday, I must say it was one of my most fun times since promoting the book! The love was evident! The ladies, it seemed, brought extra love in the house! The event happened in one of the ladies' back garden, the food was cooked with love, the place was buzzing! I felt right at home! And the lesson is what you give out you get back! So grateful to June and Kerlean for inviting me! These ladies, having never met me, read and discussed the book and decided to invite me to their house! As the Universe works, one of the ladies was from Trinidad, my home country, and as they say the rest is history.

NYC was a blast, I am getting ready to hit the road again, holla at ya on the other side!



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