Life Loves Me

May I not be blind today to the awesomeness of life - Marianne Williamson

Life loves me- this simple affirmation was given to me two weeks after I arrived in Manchester to live. I took it, said thank you and didn't think much of it at all.
"Write it down, still it up in your dorm room."

At the time I was living in student housing on campus with my room mate Sue from Malaysia. (Teachers come in so many different forms) I did it, I stuck it up on the door and everyday as I left the room to head to University I would say it out loud, "Life Loves Me" For one year, I passed that door and said "Life Loves me" no matter what the situation was and I started really really believing it.

This morning as I sat writing what I was grateful for today I stopped and said wow life loves me, and I laughed because I haven't said that for a long time having moved on from Manchester and did not stick it up on any walls around me. I didn't know where it came from!

I said it because I still believe it, I believe life loves me so much that it has provided me an opportunity to share with so many people my experiences, life loves me because I am healthy, I have a mighty crew of angels who have been supporting me last week, I have a loving family. Life loves me because it allows me to participate in it everyday, appreciate nature and live with it. We become what we believe not what we wish and hope for, but what we truly believe with all our heart!

Life loves you too


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