Your mind does it....

Life doesn't play tricks on you, your mind does Iyanla

Woke up this morning and saw a message "My pleasure to introduce Akosua's lively energetic blog as Featured Blog Of The Week" That was a wow moment!

ipersuade is a self-help blog, gives tips on Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Verbal, Non verbal Communication skills, Presentation Delivery tips, and Personal Effectiveness tools, to build harmonious human-human relationships and to lead a sustainable life.

And the thing I would say about this is firstly thank you so very much Sridhar, then I would add that persistence and self belief trumps all. This week there were many moments where I had to dig deep due to both my negative self talk and other people's opinion about what I should and should not be doing, and  whether I need to be more aggressive and stop being so shy if I want to "make it" and many other comments which I accept as feedback to process and learn from. Somehow people feel the need to express their opinions to me even though they do not know me but hey, this is part of the life I lead so its all good.
So this was very nice to wake up to this morning and I will be smiling all day!!

What I would also say that I have learnt is to set some standards for yourself, set some non-negotiables, that is not to say be inflexible, it is to say that you have a bar which you do not cross for every single thing in your world and the moment you catch yourself falling under remind yourself of those standards. Some of my non- negotiables are self-love- love myself first that is a must. Do not let people lie to you, if you don't know fine, if you do call it out and and then make a decision. The other one is health, my health is a non negotiable, and what I call now my mighty crew, this one is a new non negotiable, selfish people are not allowed in the crew. I am loving you from afar! And when I see them in my life it is a reminder that I am doing something to attract them so pull back and watch. These are a few, I have some more for relationships but that is a whole other story and blog!


Check out ipersuade!


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