What is the intention behind it?

Sometimes I need only stand where I am to be blessed - Mary Oliver (absolutely awesome poet!)

The whole concept of wanting more can be tricky, there is such a thin line in it being ambition or ambitious or as I like to call it "not enoughness" feeling like who are are is not enough and the need to get more to prove to yourself and the world that you are enough, you have made it or that you are important.I have learnt that the intention behind the wanting is key! What is the intention of wanting and needing "the more" that we strive for?

Is it to fit in?
Is it to feel better about ourselves?
Is it to bring you joy?
Is it because it is the latest in thing?
Is it to feel important?
Sit with that for a minute!

On my own journey I have come face to face with the whole concept of wanting more because of living up to the dictates of society and also to prove that I made it, was important and was doing the right thing, now, I know, being here. every day. taking a breath. doing the work that brings me joy. is enough!

This morning it hit me in the face, like a thud! I literally shouted out loud on my balcony while drinking my tea, WOOWWWWOO! This is enough, right here, right now in this moment where I am sitting out here  bare feet watching a yellow poui tree, with a lovely cup of tea and the sweetest watermelon I've had in a while, this right here is enough, what else is there at this moment but what I bring in to it with my own thoughts of what I have to do, have to get, places to go? No - right here, right now is all I need to be blessed! And the feeling was a nice one!



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