Life is a collection of decisions

Do you love what you feel? Chaka Khan
I often think that life is not just a collection of moments, but decisions.
Decisions to leave. Decisions to stay.
Decisions to hide. Decisions to shine.
Decisions to wait. Decisions to try again.
Trust me when I say that owning my choices has completely changed my life. I, like many of you, have been through the wringer of life school. I’ve been hurt and healed and have come back for more because of who I am on the other side.
As I evolve, my choices do too. Instead of feeling sad for myself for decisions I made years ago when I was a different person, I see every choice (past or present) as a part of a whole; that is, a divine step on my staircase to my castle in the air.
When it comes to our influence, taking personal responsibility for how we want to feel and then acting as empowered creators of this feeling into our everyday life is a treasured gift to ourselves, our families, and our world.  We tap into a collective love more powerful than media or low-level gossip, and create our own agendas for joy and freedom through personal expression that others can’t help but be lifted up and forever changed.
Thank you Tiffany Joseph!

Heading to the radio station in a short short.....


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