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Preparing the heart – unplug and ask
Ask –What do I need? What’s in my way? What needs to go?

The biting of the big apple continues. I signed up to do a workshop called "The Gift Of Your Divine Storm" on Friday evening. True to form I didn't ask any questions I just said yes to going as it was right up my alley and being conducted by Mastin Kipp. I read a lot of his stuff and his work resonates with me as his mantra is to be self- approved and love yourself! 

When I got the details, the instructions were clear, we would be Kundalani yoga and meditation and then onto the workshop! I had some reservations, yoga? for real? Before a workshop?

During the day I had to be at the bank doing business stuff around my books, setting up accounts and all that fancy stuff, that took forever and I was running super late, then I remembered Eckart Tolle - make a friend with the present, don't fight it, you are late and accept that, I did and it calmed me down

The energy in the room was electric, 200 people doing yoga, which is supposed to be something quiet but  the vibes were so high! After the yoga some left and we were into the coaching sessions! My best lesson there was to know and define your own rules for your life because when you live by other people's rules you will always be playing catch up and may never reach there! 
Do you have any standards for your life? Can you define what your own rules for your own life are?
And the thing is when you start experimenting with something new what happens? Sometimes you may not get it right the first time! And be ok with that! When a baby starts walking they fall, its' your rules, get back up, do something, try again! I loved that lesson and wanted to share it with you!
Make your own rules and standards! It's really OK to!

Off again for another bite!


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