Left it on the train

May we also trust that, even when we feel like we should be further along than we are on project x, y or z, we’re right where we should be.There’s a lot that has to happen for something to happen that we can’t see.May we trust that it’s all happening, just as it should. Kate Northrup

I hopped on the subway with my big bag and my bigger banner! the banner traveled with me from Trinidad on the plane and made it to NYC! I had to be at the book store for my reading and signing at 5pm! I had a long conversation with myself - "self, don't lose this banner ok?" The journey was scheduled to take an hour with me changing trains a couple of times!

The train was over crowded, there were delays on the line and they asked people to have patience, I was taking up a lot of room with my bag and banner and people had a few "kind" words for me! I managed to change the first train and got on the second one! As I entered the bookstore to start my gig I realised that I had no banner, I panicked ran out of the store like a mad woman leaving the people in the store who looked like "hmmmmmm"
The lady at the counter ran outside "Is every thing ok?"
Wait, where was I running to? The banner is gone! Deal with it! It's just a banner you can get another one
I stopped
''Yes, I just lost my banner"
"Oh, sorry"

I felt sad I lost it because the whole talk of me being careless as a child just flooded back in!
Kerlean came up to me and said " Hey, we have an event now, get it together forget the banner you are here now"

I agreed with her
Let's do this, La Casa Azul is waiting!
The event was nice, the space is awesome and the people were welcoming
I am so in awe of this experience!

Let go of the attachments and be in the moment!


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