What are you trying to tell me?

You are not being punished; you are being prepared. 
Prepared for more love.
Prepared for more impact.
Prepared to inspire change in others.
Prepared for more awareness.
Prepared for your dreams. Mastin Kipp

Everything has use! Everything! One of my best ever lessons on the journey! 

The ups and the downs, especially the downs! Humans love to avoid pain and enhance pleasure but somehow most of the changes in our lives come from when we encounter some sort of difficult situations, some sort of pain or trauma. Many times because we have been ignoring the signs and prefer to avoid pain or hold on!
Your feelings are there for a reason, it is a sign post, it is usually a call to action to make a decision. Fear paralyses us! 

And the thing about acknowledging the feelings is that they come to pass, feel it and then its gone, and the next time you are in a situation you recognize it and say hey, I know you, and you do not ignore it until crisis hits. When you ignore it it comes back again and again like a bad smell!  

I am practicing today the "feel the feelings" dance! I am ready for it, going through it like a buffalo (buffaloes head straight into the storm and come out on the other side) I am sitting with it and asking
1. What is the lesson here?
2. What are you trying to tell me?
3. What am I ignoring that you are trying to get me to pay attention to?
4. What is the truth that I did not tell or did not live?
5. How can I tell a different empowering story?
6. How can I honor myself and own it?

Then I invite the creator in!


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