Get clear

Subtract from your thoughts those things that are unnecessary and unproductive. Surrender everything that could be harmful to yourself or another. Eliminate every thought or emotion that does not bring more peace, joy or love into your experience. Iyanla (a boss teacher!!!)

I'm on a train from Coventry to Manchester this morning and I am reading a book called Tapping the Power Within and its just throwing out some home truths to me in a way that is touching my soul!!! The whole premise is about affirming what you desire and speaking from your power. I've learnt that Power is YOU and the only time you don't have power is when you BELIEVE that you don't have it!
Call forth the thing you desire and make sure that your behaviour is in alignment with what you call forth! How many times have we said we want something or don't want something and we act totally contrary to what we say we want or don't want? Confusing the Universe, that's what I'm doing when actions and words are out of line!!! Confused thoughts = confused life!!

So what did I learn today?

whatever follows your I AM will come looking for you!. whoa!!!!! so all the I AM broke, I AM useless talk----- DONE!!! because I really want to affirm the best possible situations in my life!!
Words, thoughts and actions in alignment!! why? words have power!


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