Gratitude the great multiplier!!!

And today the feeling felt the most is that of grateful appreciation for every moment that is stationed within a memory or vision. One doesn't have to reach for that which is destined to become. One doesn't have prevent that which is divinely done. Exhale. Intuition is morse code privately delivered to the soul. Some messages are delivered simply for the receiver to know. Inhale. And worry not of the power of thoughts other than one's own. As believe it or not, what one worries about are seeds that are self sown. Meditate. Elevate. Radiate. Be - The Floacist, Poet (I love her!!!!!!!)

One of the absolute best pieces of advice I received was "Be grateful something every single day" She said to me keep a journal and write down something that you are grateful  for every single day and see how your outlook on life changes! I took that advice and it sure does make a fat lot of difference to how I view things and people! I am grateful for so much things in my life I just feel swollen with  joy and humilty!

Today I got up and was greeted with the unexpected, I automatically went into panic and pity party mode! then I pulled out my gratitude journal and started writing all the things that I am grateful for and it was almost like magic! Wow I have a lot that's great going on so please please stop it right now and focus on that! Try it peeps and let me know how it goes. drop me a line I would love to get your feedback on this and anything else for that matter!

So what did I learn today?
If the only prayer you ever offer is to say Thank you! that's more than enough!


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