What's your Non Negotiables?

We cannot be of service to humanity if we continue to allow others to pull us down into the lower vibrational energy of confusion, chaos, denial, limited beliefs, addiction and drama. We need to pull ourselves out of denial and be really honest with ourselves and ask if our current relationships are based on love or fear. If they are based in fear, you will need to love yourself enough to disengage from anything that is dis-empowering and does not serve your highest good. Expaned Consciousness

I have been paying attention to the whispers of my Intuition and to the Universe, I've learnt that the Universe doesn't censor what we say it just responds and this is why it is important that we choose our words wisely and speak from our power not our fear and limited beliefs.

I have been looking at the relationships in my life which ones are based out of fear and I've learnt that when your ego runs things these relationships continue until the lesson becomes a tough one. I ask myself what would I do if I were not afraid? What's the lesson here? I love to be "right" to be liked, this is BS, total BS. Its ego and fear running amuk!! I'm learning that lesson. So I have started just doing what I would do in love rather than in fear and who's supposed to be on the bus they stay, who's not they come off and that's OK because I've also learnt that the Universe never ever leaves a void.

So what did I learn?
 Negotiation skills! There are some things that I’ve learnt that one just has to be bloody Non Negotiable about! Firstly you have to give YOURSELF notice; you’re the first person that needs to get what non negotiable means. Then you put the world on notice! When you put the world on notice you say I’m not asking for your permission I’m letting you know it’s going to happen, in fact, it’s happening right now, this is it, wait for it, watch the space! But you have to be willing to make some adjustments! According to Lisa Nicols “when things are not up for negotiation it means that there is no maybe!” So I’ve become non negotiable about a few things. No matter what, there’s no maybe, there’s no passive acceptance .You no longer worry about what if or wonder about what’s around the corner? You give notice to whatever it is around the corner it better get out of the way! What are you willing to become non negotiable about? It’s non negotiable I’m loving myself no matter what! Peace!!!


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