I am vibrant!

Everything you try to avoid about yourself will keep playing out insidiously in your life. This creates the perfect opportunity for you to embrace, love and heal this part of yourself. Melanie Tonia Evans Author and women's self empowerment teacher

Today it just dawned on me I have been on this new life path for a year now. Last year I packed up "everything" and took a leap of faith and here I am one year later. It's been quite a ride! I have spent a lot of time with myself, literally. There were days that I just spent time with myself, thinking, learning, questioning. And I would not change a single thing. I've learnt soooooo much over the past year, been to quite a few countries and met some phenomenal women and people.

I learnt about receiving with grace, about miracles, they actually do happen! who my real friends are, I have some awesome awesome buddies! I've learnt about spirituality, how positive thinking and affirmations work, what  are my non-negotiables , that worrying is really putting your faith in fear, being accountable and responsible instead of blame and projection and most importantly I have learnt about loving myself unconditionally with all my human flaws and all!!

I am about to embark on another awesome journey again, I will be spending the next year in East Africa and I cannot wait for the lessons! I am getting prepared now for this journey and hope that you will join me on this adventure and my journey further into unconditional self-love

So what did I learn today?
I am vibrant. On the brink of the brink of something new! And this time the gratitude has matured to a place of early wisdom! Appreciation and acceptance are things of value that I now understand. Calming down. Being mindful not to become stressed out about the latest trend of stress relief. So relieved to release, or at the very least to reboot. Control. Alternate. Delete.



  1. "Walk good" Ako. All the best on your new chapter in life...what an exciting journey you are embarking on. You are truly inspirational..who knows, a few years from now you may get a link from me asking if you have space for a travelling sistren :-)

    1. Hey Lady
      Thanks! You are welcome anytime just holla when you are ready sistren!!


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