Its all about FOCUS

You’re the most important meaning maker in your life. You determine the meaning that comes from something; it then becomes a reality to you. Choose a meaning that makes you more effective. Tony Robbins Best selling author
When you are all over the place it seems that its difficult to get things done! I have learnt that for me its best to put all of my energy into one thing, do it well and then move on to the next task! When there is no order, there is no clarity and things fall through the cracks.
Order, I have also learnt is a spiritual principle, it gives structure to life. Without structure there is chaos!
 So What did I learn today? As of NOW it’s all about F.O.C.U.S: Focus (on my intention) Open (my heart) Create (my vision) Understand (that all is well) and Surrender ( to the process) , according to Deepak Chopra “ Now is the moment that never ends”. Peace!!


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