Abundance is a mindset!

When you stop needing more of everything, more of what you desire seems to arrive in your life. Since you're detached from the need for it, you find it easier to pass it along to others, because you realize how little you need in order to be satisfied and at peace. Wayne Dyer author

First day of me driving myself in Kampala! Jumped in the car, said to myself, you can do this! Kitikodogo in tow and I hit the road! Felt good!
Embarking upon this journey, I have learnt about the difference between needing and wanting. I have also learnt that when you ask certain questions the Universe responds and you better be ready for the answers even though you may not like or understand it. I can say without any reservations whatsoever that I have every thing I need. It may not look that way by normal standards but I do, I get by very well and I am extremely happy. The stress begins when you start telling yourself, I need this and I need that! If you don't have it right now, trust me you don't need it.
Over the last few months all my belongings fit into two suitcases! And I seemed to, as soon as I detached from it, seem to have so much more. I now have a car, a great flat, books that nourish my soul and food. I get by everyday. That is not to say that I wouldn't love stuff, a new Kindle, an Ipad, to pay off all my debts, a new pair of shorts and some fly running clothes but  I have stopped telling myself I need it. I don't! I want it! This I know for sure!

So what did I learn today?
Abundance is a mindset, a direct reflection of a decision to live abundantly. People who are abundant don't worry about what others have and what others are doing. They don not settle and expect to live in lack and limitation. People who are ready for abundance keep an open mind and give thanks for everything they get


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