Step forward in total confidence

'While we measure our own success in terms of personal comfort and security, the universe measures our success by how much we have learned.' Caroline Myss

The year is coming to an end, at this time I always look forward and set goals for the upcoming year and look at all the lessons that I have learnt over the year. I must admit this year was one of immense lessons, the biggest ones being to act in love and not in fear and to release my ego, check the ego at he door! It is so easy to look back at what you didn’t do, didn’t achieve, didn’t get and where does that get you? How does it make you feel? Some people may be even more motivated to try harder and achieve more, others it leaves them in a heap feeling like they have not done what they were supposed to do! Me I have learnt that all things are lessons and I view it as that. When a lesson is not grasped it will keep showing up until I get it. Carolyn Myss says it very well, she says you can learn through pain or not, your choice because you are always given signs and obeying your intuition helps in making that choice.
So my ritual has been over the last week of the year to do some self reflection, to be still and listen! When I am done, I have my favourite breakfast on New Year’s Day at a lovely hotel, most times I am travelling so which ever country I am in I either go downstairs for breakfast and have a feat or go to a lovely hotel and treat myself. Take that time to document what I want to achieve for the year, I write it down I am very specific and then I give thanks for it in advance! I get out of the way and let it be!

Today I am going to the Lake Victoria to chill and take in the sites, I will be driving myself, first time since I am here that I will be doing a long drive on my own without a driver, wish me luck!!

What’s your ritual? I would love to know!

So what did I learn?
Go ahead, step forward, and live with total, solid confidence. Let every thought and action be filled with positive purpose and the knowledge that ultimately, you cannot fail.


  1. I normally have my New Year resolutions, whether written or verbal and I'm off like a rocket for the first 3 months or so and then every thing kinda like dies a quiet death :-)

    So for 2013, I will have no plan is just to act, I know my issues...some have followed me year after year. So I'm just gonna break down the big picture and tackle my problems bit by bit. Goals can be written down for guidance...let's see what 2013 will actions will certainly determine this..let the coming year NOT BE business as usual


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