"Ever since time began man has searched for his heaven, sometimes seeking it in the reflection of his neighbour's blood" David Rudder, Heaven
Compassion! Today was my roughest day since I arrived I was literally feeling ill. I am on a 3 day workshop on farming as a tool for women’s economic empowerment. So I am listening to the word from the street or should I say village! The women were “taken”. I wouldn’t use that word but hey it’s not my story! So yeah they were “taken” by the soldiers, raped with the intention of making/birthing more soldiers ok? (That was the rationale and strategic plan behind being “taken”). So now that the conflict is over they have now come back to the village and have been told to go away and find somewhere else because they are dirty or a shame to the community or other reasons. What in the bloody hell can I say to them eh? They want a better life and want training to get jobs and the way the story is being told it’s like so matter of fact. Like la de da! I was tearing up, feeling ill, getting cold sweat as we say in Trini.  Anyways, I listened and took it all in. So forgive me if I may be a tad bit impatient or distracted if you are telling me about TTEC spoiling your air condition unit, or HILO supermarket not stocking Kellogg’s Corn Flakes or who “victimising” you in an air-conditioned office with flushing toilets and free internet! I’m not dismissing your issues , I’m just saying how I feel.
So what did I learn today?
Catch this; just know that your life is good with a capital G! Just know that your life can change in the blink of an eye. Just know that miracles can happen in the blink of an eye, just like that! 2 days left!  Breath is life, we breathe together. We live together. We heal together. We thrive together. And in this way, we survive together. Here’s to the journey



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