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Quit telling your I about what your ME cannot do. Quit telling your I what your ME did or what it wants to do. Flip the switch; let your ME listen for a while. Be still. Hush” Deborah L. Johnson, author

Yesterday was an adventure for me, no meat eating person. Haven’t touched the stuff for over 20 years! Being a vegetarian here is an adventure all by itself, they simply do not understand why I would refuse meat, “something must be wrong with you madam”

So we go to eat something yesterday and as I pull into the compound I see about twenty cows, by the way, those things are HUGE!! About fifteen goats and the smell hits me!! I see birds, vultures, that are almost as large as me, makes the corbeaux that I know back home look like a pigeon! Ok, this is me talking to myself, open mind and willing spirit, you can do this, stay here, stay well!! Just as I convinced myself  the bird flies just in front of me collects a part of the cow and I let out a loud scream, they laugh!

“Madam the food here is fresh”, as we say in Trinidad, fresh is joke!!! They kill the cow or goat whichever one you fancy and cook it right there!!! Wowee!!

Ok people remember I am a vegetarian. A what madam??  I am only eating the vegetables that you will make with the meat! Confused and perplexed looks all around! It was my turn to laugh. The food was yummy though, I enjoyed it!!

So what did I learn today?
I learnt that I will remain a vegetarian for a long long time and I will choose to accept everyone with the same radical acceptance I have for myself


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