Do you suffer from the disease to please?

Get rid of them! Kick your fears, excuses and reasons for procrastinating to the curb. It's time to act boldly on your own behalf! Decide to live a larger life! Refuse to play small or safe. This is not a game. It's your life. Stop trying to please everybody else, and make their life better. You can serve others best when you are centered, and live a happy life!! Les Brown Motivational speaker and author

The disease to please. I was struck down by that affliction for a long time, just chronic! But I’m better now! The cure? Just be your authentic self! Show up as yourself every single time and do YOU! This is not an excuse to be an A-Hole and treat anyone with disrespect or use it as an excuse for doing anything you like without consequences. It’s basically saying act like you know the truth, do what feeds and nurtures your soul and listen to your gut every single time. One of the best lessons I have learnt is that you cannot give from an empty cup. How can you give anything from the dregs?

Ok so at base I asked around for a place to go and do my hair (a girl’s gotta look decent!!!) and that sparked a whole interesting conversation. “Madam we thought you would never ask! You should be more glamorous”  I thought about that statement for a minute and I responded “really?” that was the best that I could have come up with on the spot – too funny!!  I listened to all the suggestions on how and why I need to be more bling for about a minute then my brain started functioning again- I started going down the ego route where I was thinking is there something wrong with me, why are they saying this blah blah blah

Then the penny dropped, of course there is always room for improvement but are you happy with you? Yes, do you want to do all these things to please other people? No. Then do not give it another negative thought for one more second!
Went to the hair place (what struck me was that it was only men, you know I asked, they told me that men are better at this and women have other responsibilities, hmmmm, that conversation is for visit two!) they did an excellent job, I’m looking scorching by my standards and guess what? I’m 100% self-approved!

So what did I learn today?
One doesn't have to reach for that which is destined to become. One doesn't have to  prevent that which is divinely done. Intuition is morse code privately delivered to the soul. Some messages are delivered simply for the receiver to know. And worry not of the power of thoughts other than one's own. As believe it or not, what one worries about are seeds that are self sown. Meditate. Elevate. Radiate. Be
Ps. Guys I would love to hear from you, love to get your feedback on this journey that I am sharing, please leave a comment on the blog. Let’s start a conversation wherever you are!


  1. Procrastination and the disease to please are 2 actions that are having a debilitating effect on the creativity and forward movement of alot of us in this world. If we focus, have daily positive self thoughts, seek guidance from God and politely take no bull from other individuals then we are on the way to having a better place by creating more persons that are allowing there light to shine bright....

  2. Thanks for the comment!! Totally agree!! lol@ politely take no bull!!


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