Direct your focus

Quit obsessing over what you need. Direct your focus and attention and energy toward what you can do.  Ralph Martson(motivational speaker)

Yesterday I did another adventurous road trip, I wanted to find a book store and do some research for my upcoming assignment in January where I will spend most of my time in Northern Uganda. This area has recently come out of a twenty year conflict with some of the most heart wrenching stories I have ever heard.

I get to the bookshop, which is quite good I must add, and sat down reading through some of the accounts of the women who were involved in the conflict. Over 44% of the child soldiers abducted were young girls trained to kill from the age of fourteen, to be wives of soldiers and baby making machines for them as well! One thing struck me with an account that I read. She escaped and vowed to put aside what she “needed” to ensure that she did all than she can to help the others who did not escape. What an absolute here on my eyes!

I think about myself how at times I focus on what I need to the detriment of everything else around me, literally obsessing about it and not taking action to either bring it to me or to change my conditions, and it’s usually material things! Got a serious reality check there yesterday!!

So what did I learn?
Look for what I am not doing in my own life and do something rather than looking at what others are doing or not doing. Not my business!  Nurture yourself, accept what you feel and let your needs be knows rather than act in fear, shrink under criticism and look for an easy way out!



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