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As we move toward the end of the life cycle we know as 2012, check your internal energy system, release negative energy, de-stress your communication and tap into the power of your heart. Iyanla Vanzant

 I drove about eight hours to get to the area. I went with an open mind as promised myself I would for my time here on this journey. When I got to the gate I asked how much further? Another two hours! Africa is bloody huge!! They wanted to show me different accommodation options, first one, wow a campsite, tents everywhere! No thank you very politely I’ve learnt that I am latrine intolerant, second one mud huts on a site, no thank you the “bathroom” was like ten minutes walk away, suppose I bump into a buffalo chillin! Third one absolutely took my breath away! One of the most beautiful places I’ve seen! Nile Safari Lodge! Madam what time will you shower?” This is before I see the showers eh. I say I don’t know whenever I am ready. But Madam we need to prepare the water. You have to do what? When I see the bathroom I realise the situation! High tech hot water bucket in my wais!!  

Had to be up at the crack of dawn to see the “game” I didn’t expect to see villagers living there but they do all well and good co existing with the animals! The place is absolutely amazing and to top it off the Murchison Falls is right there in all its majesty!

I spent Christmas with a tour guide and a driver in the park, it did cross my mind once or twice wow you are here with yourself, I’ve learnt that I am never alone so I changed the way I describe that situation. Its part of the journey I know, as my friend says it’s your healing period! And I am happy and grateful as ever to experience this!

So what did I learn?
 People are the same wherever I go! We all want to be loved, accepted and to be happy!
I’ve learnt that the world is a beautiful place and if I choose to look for the good in every person, place and thing it is reflected in my life in many many ways!  As Joniie Coleman always say “What you see becomes your experience. Life up your eyes – believing is seeing and seeing is believing”





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