Shape your own mind

Most people are dying from ignorance Hosea 4:6

Road trip time again. I heard about the Kingdom of Buganda so I wanted to see it for myself. Got in the car and started asking for directions. I stopped in a petrol station and asked. Should have learnt from the last trip right? “ Madam, you will not find it on your own” Why not? “because it is not an easy place to find, it is tricky, very many turns”. Ok then, thank you! “Madam wait, 5,000 will get you an escort to the Kingdom of Buganda” Hmm, wow! Ok then let’s do it. I had a Boda Boda escort me to the Kingdom (too funny) I get there and they said to me “Madam there will be no shorts allowed we will wrap you with this piece of cloth” they wrap me up and I enter the Kingdom beautiful views, a “castle” which is not really maintained that well, 250 acres they tell me. Then the guy says I will take you to the Torture Chambers. Eh?? Yes madam this is where Idi Amin’s torture chambers were, we walk down a hill turn left and I enter into a most harrowing place, I couldn’t go further than the first room, mind you, I had to walk on some rocks over a little man made river to get to the first room, They say over 300,000 people perished there!!Wow, I had so many questions for the guy, he did his best to answer all! I asked him about the movie the Last King of Scotland, if he heard about it, he says yes madam very exaggerated account of some things let me tell you the real stories...... Come back tomorrow the King will be here, there will be a party!

So what did I learn today?

Catch this- shape your own mind and when you do stand guard at the door! Peace!!


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