Make a choice... then commit

Make your choice, and then make the commitment to make it happen. Make your choice, and then make all the other choices along the way that will bring it about.Take a positive, active role in your life. Make peace with what is, with what you have, and then make your choice of what to do with it all. Ralph Marston, motivational speaker

Saturday is the last training session for the year, when it’s done everyone will go back to their villages and areas until next year when it kicks off again. The vision for 2013 is HUGE, it is also made clear, as I mentioned before you spend five minutes with her and you can almost touch it, you can see it. The achievers in this world are dreamers who are strong enough to take when people call them crazy. So here’s the deal we increase the women’s income and standard of living through the farming, research and training and we benefit because what you give, you receive, what you sow you reap. That’s the law. Use it for anything in your life and see what happens!
I’m excited and humbled, I think that I have learnt more here than I have shared!

So what am I doing in my time off? Well I plan to go on safari for 3 days from Christmas Eve and then for the other days I will do some sightseeing in the villages around the country- since I am now an “official” Ugandan driver! I will be walking with my Kitikidogo in the car for the routing police stops.

So what did I learn today?

Your word has deep intention behind it; the intent of your word arrives before you do, before you articulate it, Catch that! Think about it, before the word thank you is said by you, you have already felt it, before the word I love you is said you've already felt it before the words I’m so mad at you have been said you have already felt it what happens for a lot of us is that they are not synchronized they are not in alignment what’s coming out of our mouth is not matching up with the energy that’s coming out from us we are in contradiction sometimes
We are afraid of looking foolish or stupid or heaven forbids I put out what there and it doesn't happen so I will not be so bold in my declaration so I won’t have to put up with people’s judgement. Declare it, be bold and remember its words, thought and deed that must be in alignment and remember when you are on purpose you cannot fail!


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