The Illusion of Separation

We imagine there to be all sorts of things that are separate from each other, and we play out this imagining in our moment-to-moment experience. We think that there is something "other than" our Divine Self, and that WE ARE PART OF THAT. The idea of Separation is the biggest single stumbling block to our living the lives of peace, harmony and happiness for which we say we have dreamed.
I would never treat the earth, or my possessions, and certainly not other people, the way that I do if I thought that those people and those things were me, and I was them. If I thought I was doing to myself what I do to others, many -- perhaps most -- of my behaviours would fall away. Neale Donald Walsh author

Being in Uganda I have had the opportunity to learn so many different things based on what I have experienced so far, the people I have met and the things that I have had the privilege of getting involved in, It is a totally different experience to Trinidad and Tobago and the UK where I have spent the majority of my life. One of the things I have learnt this past few days is that we are all one, we are all “in this together” . Let me explain why I believe that strongly, if I go down to the most simplistic measure, the foods that we eat, there are so many similar foods that I have encountered here, if I don’t say a word people start talking to me in their language, which ever area of the country they come from! So that’s the simple indicators but mostly, everyone I have encountered wants the same thing, we all want to feel loved, needed and important. It is clear to me! Some people go about it in a way that is harmful way, like in the conflict areas, the entire thing kicked off because they felt unimportant and unloved and from that lack came the feelings of inferiority, conditionality(placing unrealistic conditions on loving and love) and lack.

If I treat everyone as my brother or sister, part of my family how awesome would this world be? I am not here to judge what is right or wrong or if they are doing it “my way” my role is to know that we are all one and act that way! I may not agree with your way of doing things but that is not a reason for disrespect or dishonor  A Course in Miracles puts it nicely,” Do I want others to refrain from judging me, forgive my mistakes, and offer me miracles of love? Let me give what I seek; let me give what I want to find for myself.”

So what did I learn today?
We are each other. The implication of that is enormous. Because if we see each other, if we can finally come to a place where we can really see each other, as simply Another Version
Of Us, we will suddenly understand many things—not the least of which is our unlimited
potential to create anything we choose. Peace!!


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