Time to get out of the compound and see the place!

“Every relationship is the relationship you need at that time. Everything you do in every relationship have prepared you and beings you closer to the grand experience of total, unconditional self love and love for others”  from the book In the Meantime.

“Why do you spend so much time alone?” ok here we go again. That question came up before and I cannot remember what my response was but this time it was “please don’t take it personally” it has nothing to do with the place or the people who are all lovely. But we don’t understand, all you do is go to work and watch football all weekend, you need to go out some more and see the place, meet new people, we will organise for you to meet some people and madam you go out!! My standard response, thank you, it’s quite all right.
So I came to the conclusion that I have been spending time alone as a defence mechanism, a protective shield, out of fear perhaps because truth be told I just cannot be bothered.

What I have learnt is that I must look at the relationships around me as a reflection of me in order to figure out where I want to be in any relationship, friend or more than friend. I’ve also learnt that my comfort zone is where I go to rest, not where I should live. It’s time to come out of the comfort zone. This Friday we are going clubbing, liming (as we say in Trinidad) and painting the Kampala town Trini!!!

So what I did I learn today?
In life and relationships, we must be very clear about what we are looking for, what we expect, what we want to experience, and what we willing to do to get it. Now that I know this I’m ready to get out there a little bit more. Kampala look mih!!






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