Practice Courage

Real strength is not the absence of weaknesses or fear. It’s not the absence of doubt or anger. Real strength includes all of these emotions. It’s when you’re afraid and risking something, not when you’re afraid or risking something.
When you see someone as a person with no weakness, you deny her her full humanity. Nobody goes through life never being afraid, and never doubting, and never being angry.

Ayana Mathis Author of the Twelve tribes of Hattie
Someone asked me how I got the strength to make the decision to be here all alone. I was caught by surprise for a moment because I never for once thought that it was a decision based on “strength” or that I am all alone! I just believed that it was an opportunity that I could not refuse and being with myself always feels very normal. Having thought about it for a moment, I made a commitment to myself in 2011 that I will always act with courage despite how scared I am because what’s the worst that can happen? I end up where I start, so nothing to lose then!? Since then I have practiced and truth be told, it is a work in progress but the more I do it the easier it becomes. I start with the little things and the little things add up. The other thing I committed to myself is to make decisions based on love not on fear. Do things with love, not because I am afraid of what will happen! Yet again, practice!!

This week I am planning to do a programme for the conflict areas on entrepreneurship and gender with the aim of increasing the amount of women who can use the land to produce seeds for farming and use the proceeds to become economically empowered. I will be travelling quite a bit to these areas. (a trip back in time, you can say!! LOL)

So what did I learn today?
This is one of my favorite lessons because it allows me to own my stuff, to take responsibility for my responses to events that I have no control over and have unwavering faith in my purpose.
You cannot fail. You can resist, procrastinate, delay, deny, worry, avoid, but you cannot fail, do you hear me?  When you step out to do the thing you have come here to do and you are on purpose and following your passion, you cannot fail. You can create drama, you can bring along people who you know are not supposed to be on the bus with you, you can sabotage yourself, you can doubt yourself, you can undermine yourself, you can be disobedient, but you cannot fail. When you step out to do what to do what you are supposed to do you cannot fail. When you pursue your desire, your dream, your passion, when you do the thing that makes you tremble with joy and excitement, when you undertake it with a pure intention of bringing yourself joy  and serving with love,you cannot fail!  You cannot fail!  Catch that, Believe that!! Peace!!


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