Facts will trip you up!

There's no escaping yourself. You're ‘stuck on the train of yourself’ without any way off, so you may as well learn to love you, create an amazing life and make the most of it! Melanie Tonia Evans, Life Coach

Being here on this project, everyday is a not just a lesson but a true transformation of my consciousness. I am now a believer that anything is possible and blaming others for my predicament is a total waste of time and giving away my power.  I am asking a question yesterday about how we are going to achieve a goal set out for 2013 given the “facts”
Here’s what I learnt, and I absolutely love this lesson because I can see it happening with me with the simplest of things .Don’t keep looking for facts to give you faith! Facts will trip you up! Do not judge by the appearances! Don’t look to the facts only for what you need to know! You gotta go deep inside! Pay attention!! Pay attention there are ALWAYS signs!! If you don’t pay attention you will miss the signs. Pay attention to your gut, I don’t care what the facts say! If your gut says something ain’t right babes and you ignore it, you end up saying or many times holding your head bawling, something told me!!! Guess what? That something is your higher self guiding you!!
So here I go, into 2013 with the task of increasing the number of women earning incomes from the land that they do not own, that they do not now earn even though they do 90% of the work, even though the culture says that women work on the land and not earn from the land!
So here I go into 2013 with the faith that I can have the life that I desire by having faith and listening to my gut, my higher self, my “something”. Awesomeness all round.
So what did I learn today?
 1st. Imagine.
2nd. Have faith.
3rd. Believe.
Always.  Follow your gut


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