Another perspective

“It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.” Elanor Roosevelt

I haven't done the "Christmas thing" in ages! And thinking about it yesterday, usually by choice! And what I mean by the "Christmas thing" is the shopping, painting the house, changing the curtains. I have been either working or on holiday for Christmas for as long as I could remember.

I was reminded why yesterday, I decided to go to the mall. The traffic was out of this world! then to get a parking spot was also off another planet, I also wanted to go to a Christmas market, I finally got there and they were charging you to go in and shop! I jumped in the car and thought" yea this is why I run from this"

And just like that my perception changed..... no, not just like that LOL! I was driving in the traffic and saw some children by the road standing. As I passed them, I saw three trucks with people on them all dressed in red and with Santa Claus hats, one truck was filled with gifts, the other truck was filled with drinks and food and the last truck was blaring out music! 
The people in the Santa hats were distributing the food and gifts to the children on the side of the road!! I literally stopped the car! No joke, I stopped the car to watch what was happening. The faces of the children, the faces of the Santa hat people! absolutely priceless. I smiled all afternoon, the traffic had a different meaning and I was reminded that there is more than a single story!
It made me think, yea there is indeed another part of the "Christmas thing" and I get to choose which one I want to do!


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