What is your life revolving around?

We have to make a choice, whether you want to grow or transform
When the transformation comes you are not telling the same story anymore, that story is now irrelevant
When you transform the old stuff is not what your life revolves around anymore, there’s a revolution, a shift in the centre.
What is your life revolving around?

Deborah L Johnson

I love the question "what is your life revolving around?" Simple yet impactful! I ask myself the question from time to time when it seems like the rails are coming off! Then I see where and what I am giving most of my time to! A Course in Miracles reminds me that we create idols to things and we begin to worship them when we are not paying attention or forgot who we are! 
We create idols! Worship people and things that are destructive! Interesting right?
When you don't know who you are you create idols- things you give your time and mind to that are destructive! So who are you? who am I?
Preparation for my new book is at pace! I have been given an opportunity to go away to finish write it, what is my life revolving around that I placed the completion of the book on a back burner?
And just on point, the Universe pops up to answer me when I asked the question 'what is my life revolving around?' So I am making a new choice and putting it back on the front burner, to pay attention, to be aware to know who I am!
Ask yourself the question and then listen for the response, it may come in a whisper so be sure to pay attention!


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