Are you feeling the feelings?

It’s simple – without feeling your feelings – your life can’t and won’t improve. Mastin Kipp

Feelings are a huge part of our lives, an extremely important part, without feelings we cannot move! I have been one who have ignored, denied and dismissed my feelings and what happens when I did that? I remained stuck! Feelings are teachers, they lead you to a lesson.
It can be really scary to feel the feelings but its important to go there and sit with it for a moment.

We do a whole range of things to hide from our feelings, lie, drink, do drugs, irresponsible sex, work, judge, justify, make excuses, overeat, exercise and the list goes on. Instead of sitting in the feelings and acknowledging them we run and do things that are not self honoring
According to Mastin Kipp  "When love yourself enough to feel your true feelings – that is when transformation begins to take place – not before.
Your feelings are guides – they are sign posts – they are asking you to pay attention to them. They are yearning to be felt. And, the truth is, no matter how scared you are to feel your feelings, you don’t die.Your feelings will pass"

Get in touch with them, feel the feelings and take it from there!


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