Discipline means growing to love the word discipline.

Discipline means not just planting the seeds I want to grow, but watering and nurturing them daily.
Discipline means not allowing what I can’t control to affect my stewardship over the other areas I can control.
Discipline means giving up the idea of instant gratification and giving myself over to the pleasure of earning and anticipation.
Discipline means growing to love the word discipline.
Discipline means being a disciple to what matters most.
Tivi Jones

I was told yesterday, point blank, that I am holding on to a lot of resistance in making my goals and dreams a reality! It was a shock to them system and you know why it was a shock? Because it is true! Notice how you become defensive when people tell you the truth? You start making excuses, or you get upset and want to justify why you are still doing or not doing what you are supposed to be doing!

It was a wake up call for me, and I needed it! Stop the resistance, I don't need to be "right" all the time there is more times than not no right or wrong!

So I made up a lot of BS excuses and justifications for about 30 minutes until I was told, you know you are still in resistance right? You know you are talking rubbish right? You know you are shit scared of this right?
Yea I know!
Well own it! Own that! Own that you are scared and then move!!

How many times have I denied the truth because of fear? Many times, but I admit its getting better!

So yea, what about you? What are you resisting, denying, bull shitting and stalling on?

I am ready!!

Are you?


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