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If possible, each time you leave the house, take with you something that doesn’t come back! Pick a habit, belief, behaviour, or some emotional residue or energetic holdings that no longer serves you. Chela Davidson

Just over an hour' drive from San Salvador is the town of Sushitoto. The town is a complete throwback in terms of the so called modern things that we associate with a town! There are cobble stoned streets, big plazas with a church in the middle, hand made snow cones but at the same time it is the most progressive town in terms of social causes, women's rights and women empowerment! 
I spent the day there with the Casa De Mujer. They are some radical women who are determined to make their lives, their children lives and the town a better place! They focus on Entrepreneurship, Women's Rights and Equality, Children's rights and Ending Violence. 
There are museums, shops, hotels, art exhibitions all in the town for the people by the people, there are schools and churches and love and love and love for the people by the people! it was more than just an inspiring visit for me it was one to which I will always be grateful for the opportunity! I will definitely be back in 2015 (my espanol needs some work though, talk about butchering the words and providing entertainment to the women!!)


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