Do you know?

Why are you doing it?

Why? ... the work... the projects... the places... the worship... the people... the living... the shopping... the reading, listening, watching... the time... the giving... the inviting... the caring... the carrying... the praying... the staying... the making.
Why ya doing it? Danielle La Porte

Back in Port of Spain! It feels good! I called my grandma when I got in, she answered her voice was sounding nice and strong! She welcomed me back, said she's better,  said nothing will  beating her down anytime soon, started talking politics so I knew! Oh yeah she's feeling good! It's on! I better sit down, the conversation will be a long one!

She asked me if I spent time with my folks!  I told her but of course! she said I am Happy that you did .I told her I have something for her from them, she got quiet! She said you know, my grandchildren don't have to bring me anything, I remember when Sana was in college I was there with her right through and all it is for me is that she has graduated, that's enough! When you are on the move you need people and an environment that supports and encourages you. You won't find that among people who are helpless and hopeless.
Hmm I thought! Yes Sheils, preach!

Blessings flow!



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