Resist the urge to drag them back

We may cling to the irrational belief that things are good enough in the relationship - that we feel a measure of security and that this is as good as it's likely to get. In the process, however, we give up the chance to explore our sense of fulfillment in life. We give up our own life dreams in order to maintain the security of a relationship. Symmonds

I'm no relationship expert, trust me I'm not! I have been learning lessons as I go along! And learning is to do! 

Opportunities come up again and again to see what I have learnt, and as I now know for sure, to know is to do! 

When you look at that person as well as the other people in your life, they are a reflection of the relationship you are having with yourself. Some of us cannot see the detrimental, unflattering things we do to ourselves. What I have learnt is that many of us believe that the problems in our lives, the problems in our relationships are the fault most of the time of the men in our lives. That man in your life is you. He is your mirror image. Catch that!

When you bring yourself to order, everyone in your environment will follow suit, or they will leave you. If they leave you, resist the urge to run after them and drag them back! 



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