Live a whole life

Work can be an important part of our lives, but we should never let it be how we define ourselves. Putting all your energy and resources into your work may feed your ego, but if you’re relationships are falling apart, your health neglected and your spiritual life ignored, you could end up sitting alone in your castle of glory. Gail Kelly

Balance and release of ego, two of the things I give thanks in advance for, meaning that I believe with me putting in the action and work and letting go it is already done! My grandma always said, everything in moderation. Now I can fully relate to this!

What does your life revolve around? And when you pay attention to what you give the majority of your life to see what happens?

What you put your focus on grows, that goes for everything and focus can be like a laser beam, it cuts through the "thing" and that is why it is really important to balance, when you cut through you want a purpose. You just want to cut and cut and cut to your detriment! 

Work and Play
Up and Down
Left and Write

See the pattern!
Do something in balance this week!


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