Make up a new story

Release all stories/let go of all excuses, be willing to do the thing that scares you - Iyanla
Don't we make up a lot of stories? Yea we do, we make them up, especially when we are in fear, listening to the ego and want to justify our position. Making up stories mean we are convinced that something or someone or we are either right, that "they" did that to us. Or perhaps, we have no other choice, that we are powerless or have you heard or said "if only they would change, or do what I want my life, our lives will be happy and simple"
Sometimes the stories are simple, sometimes they are dramatic, sometimes they have elaborate characters and lines that send us into a frenzy, getting angry, depressed or smug as hell
All this to justify our position, to make ourselves feel safe and to more importantly to avoid what's staring us right in the face, to keep being in denying what is and to remain in a false comfort zone! As Byron Katie says " when you argue with reality you suffer"
I find myself doing it, making up stories when I am in fear or not ready to face reality as it is but as I want it to be, and here is what I have learnt
If I am making up stories, why not make up a positive and empowering one?  
Or even better, tell myself the truth, face the thing as it is then move!
All the stories, usually not true, pushing me more in a cave of denial and not facing the thing as it is!
Stop beating up yourself, tell the truth, and make a move! The stories are usually worse than the real thing! Release the monsters! Oops, there aren't any monsters, it's just a story I made up!!


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