Dramatic Decisions don't have to be high drama

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

When we make a decision, a firm one, and believe it, act then let go, things start happening!

The Universe creates by thoughts as well, so be the key is to make sure your thoughts as well as your words align because when it doesn't it confuses the Universe! 

Making a decision with belief  sends a signal that you are ready! You may not now how it will happen but you are ready!

Making a decision sends a signal that despite the fear and doubt you are ready!

Making a decision sends a signal to the Universe that you know that you will be alright no matter what!

Making a decision means that you've put the world on alert that this is happening and not asking anyone for permission

Yesterday as I was driving I decided! I made a decision. And let me tell you something, a peace came over me for a minute that felt so good and calming I smiled! I thought hey, why didn't I just decide this before! All the umming and ahhing! 
Drama is optional!


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