Are you out of order?

Cleaning our minds, bodies, and spaces is essential — as in, a profoundly critical must must must. It fuels every kind of vitality and fulfillment. It’s the difference between held back and fully free, congested and clear, shuffling along and flying.

So fall in love the necessity of regular purification. Danielle La Porte

Order is the first Universal Law, an orderly mind manifests itself into an orderly life and by orderly I mean putting first things first and purifying and purging as a norm. Letting go of things that no longer serve you, making room for the things that give you life and love. Making no excuses for keeping the junk, for out of order actions from you and the people around you.
God First and everything else after, that is just the way it is, nothing more I can say about that, time and time again we put work first and therein lies the cause of many of our issues, or we may put the wife or husband or significant other first, same result- out of order
An orderly environment - removal of clutter and things that you don't use- pile up of things (especially the things that we no longer use or are no longer useful) pile of of situations (ignoring events) and people - out of order
An orderly mind - following your intuition, your first gut, paying attention to the signs, eating properly, having a spiritual practice - not on the list? - out of order.
Who wants to fly? Get your shit in order! Period and watch how you soar


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