Massive Action

Let the work happen in your life. If there's an inner urge to do something, do it. Start tuning into your spirit and your heart. Don't let the mind make you overthink and judge the process. Imagination and intuition will guide you further the more you start to trust it. Raise the Vibration
Everytime,, it happens everytime... I get a feeling in the pit of my stomach, a sign a message even, to do something, to make a move and I wait, I analyse, I over think and wait and wait and maybe do nothing
and then .... shit hits fan. 
And then-  I say - "hmmm you did not pay attention and honor the signs ..,.again, why oh why?" 
Fear is usually the answer
I want things to be a certain way and I did not trust the process
And so the whispers are to bring me back into the process that I was doubting and questioning
Some of the most successful people by any standards say - always trust yourself, that inner voice, it always lead you to the right path and that is not to say it will be easy but it is sure worth it.
The vibes you get when you meet someone - and yet you still force it, make excuses because you think they are supposed to be in your life
The vibes you get when you walk into a room and you know - aww hell no and this is not fear talking it is guidance telling you run like a pit bull is chasing you for it's dinner
The vibes when you know it is time to leave the job
The vibes you get when it is time to speak up
There are those moments in your life when you know that it is time to move, act, stay, be quiet,talk,run.
And you don't
And when you stay too long to move you start getting pushed out, so the job you don't like and got the signs to leave you stay and what happens - they fire you, they downsize you, they restructure, the job is gone, different.
The relationship you know has served it's time - the person ups and leave you and you get upset. Oh hell no, I was the one to break this off, how dare you?
But you didn't act!
Massive action babes


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