What actually matters to you?

The question is, what actually matters to you? Does beauty matter? Does comfort matter? Does stability have great meaning for you, or the capacity to travel the world? If you say it matters to you, then it matters. Danielle La Porte
As I was reading this morning - "what actually matters to me?" I had to take a pause. I paused to think about it  and in my thinking I thought isn't this something that I ought to know easily? But if I am not paying attention I will have to sit and ponder about it
Do the exercise with an open mind and willing spirit. It really is an eye opener! What is it that is super important to you? Is it working? Is it bringing you joy? Is it healthy for your mind, body and spirit? Is it harmless to you and the people around you?
What matters to me? 
My family
My health
Being a demonstration of what is possible
Real people (as opposed to fake ones)
Travelling the world
Arsenal Football Club
Sharing lessons on the journey
Women and youth empowerment
Chocolate with peanuts and sometimes salt
 A Loving, abundant and honest relationship
just to name a few......
What actually matters to you?


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